Saturday, October 13, 2012

OpenPhoenux GTA04

Postman was on a kind mood yesterday. My OpenPhoenux GTA04 arrived! I had my newer Neo FreeRunner upgraded via the service from Golden Delicious.

First, something rare to behold in phones nowadays - Made in Bavaria:

As a sidenote, also rare now - my Nokia N9 is one of the last phones that had this:

It's sad that's now a thing of the past for both hardware assembly and software! But that's just a hint for new companies to step in.

But back to GTA04 - a quick boot to the pre-installed Debian w/ LXDE:

And then as a shortcut unpacked and booted into QtMoko (well, it's also Debian) instead to test that phone functionality also works - and it does:

Next up: brewing something of my own!


Treviño said...

How cool it is!

My GTA02, after years of hacking and real usage (probably I'm one of the few crazy guys who really used this “phone” on daily basis) is back in is box; maybe I'll use it as a small server or... This GTA04 really tempts me, I read the specs, but how does it feel?

TJ said...

Treviño: It feels fast! That said, it would be really much better if they already had a new, slim case for it with a bigger screen, so that they could sell it as a whole and would feel a bit more modern to potential newcomers.

I was also one of the few crazy guys who used GTA02 as the only phone for several years :) I loved Debian on it with my own tweaks, and had everything there I needed - except for the web browsing which was usable for emergencies but poor (but I never got to compiling efl-webkit and the praised browser that was using it).

Anyway, my goal, given infinite free time, would be check whether I can get a similar setup functionality-wise to what I had with Debian/GTA02. And I'm sure everything I'll give it will feel fabulous considering the speed difference :) Also, 512MB RAM will be enough for so much more.

I do have also a second GTA02 in the drawer, which was my "playground" GTA02 while this one that I upgraded was the one in daily use.

Treviño said...

Cool, looking forward to see your baby in Copenhagen (hoping you'd bring it with you!) ;)

TJ said...

Ok, have to see if I can fit it in my hand luggage in addition to all the other hw :)