Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ubuntu Developer Summit at Prague

I thought I'd have provided nice photos and all that during the UDS-Intrepid (ie. the developer summit for the 8.10 releases of Ubuntu family, nicknamed "Intrepid Ibex"). All the nice photos on my camera are not just very easily available without the specific USB wire, and I actually doubt it'd be easy to find xD card reader since it's such a rare format. So, instead of getting multitude of crisp, noise-free photos from the best low-light digital compact camera on the market, you'll be getting one really crap camera phone picture from a phone with one of the worst and cheapest phone cameras there is! So, enjoy!

Anyway, it's been great to finally meet some of the people I've discussed on IRC over the years about eg. fixing Ubuntu I18N bugs. Just last night in the bar I was sitting with a bunch of Ubuntu people, knowing maybe one of them before-hand. After something like half an hour the guy on my left started talking about his package uploads etc. which sounded strangely familiar. It turned out he was Marc Tardif to which I had just a few weeks ago provided a small (but pretty visible/important for non-English users) i18n patch together with Finnish translation of the hwtest program he's maintaining. And things like that happen basically all the time here: "oh, it's You" (and mostly in a positive tone ;) ). It's a pretty good thing that at least here at the conference place we have name tags, especially for first-timers like me.

I still have a grand plan to find the Bluetooth guru around here and give him/her a Bluetooth dongle which is probably breaking some USB/Bluetooth standards but could be maybe made to work properly by someone else than me. I've two of those actually so I'd be happy to give this one away.