Wednesday, March 07, 2012

GNOME 3.4 Finnish translation weekend

Just a quick note that the merry Finnish localization folks are organizing an (extended) localization weekend, starting today. As a nice step towards ease of use, they're utilizing the long developed, maybe even underused platform, or to be precise a separate instance of it. is used by MediaWiki (Wikimedia Foundation), StatusNet and other high profile projects. Co-incidentally the main developer of is Finnish as well.

Anyway enough of the platform, join the translation frenzy at, but do make sure to read the notes at

I've promised to help in upstreaming those to on Sunday. There is additionally a new report about Ubuntu 12.04 LTS translations schedule (to which these GNOME contributions will find their way as well) at the ubuntu-l10n-fin mailing list by Jiri.

Ja sama suomeksi.


Anonymous said...


Seeing your blog post appearing on Planet Debian, I wondered whether you (or someone else in the Finnish GNOME l10n team) would be interested in working to re-complete the Finnish translation of Debian Installer (also used by the Ubuntu installer).

It is currently stalled as the previous translator seems to be MIA.

Please feel free to contact me at I'm easy to find..:-)

Christian Perrier

TJ said...

Christian: Yes, certainly we need to finish wheeze installer! I can also try to ping Tapio & co.