Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS 2010)

Just a note that the slides are available (non-slideshare link) for my presentation ”Tuning an old but free phone” (description) that I held in the tremendously great event FSCONS 2010. It could be described as a smaller scale FOSDEM, but that would be actually down-playing it since the free software effects on society are something that I've actually never seen elsewhere on such a scale. My talk was among the purely technical ones, though.

I was planning to hold on with this blog post until the recorded videos arrive, but since it seems it might not be during this year I will just post this now that slides are available.

I've shared a few photos as well at Flickr...

Keynote: Karin Kosina, The Inanna Project. A tech + art workshop for female artists in Damascus, Syria. An experiment in art, technology, and the transformative power of Free Hardware and Software.

Erik de Bruijn, The Future of RepRap, a self-replicating open source 3D printer that fabricates arbitrary objects including parts of itself.

Social event at the Berg 211.

Malin Nilsson on Gender, class and global flows. Using free software to fuel a revolution in home based industrial work.

Keynote: Glyn Moody, Ethics of Intellectual Monopolies.

Keynote: Glyn Moody, Ethics of Intellectual Monopolies (audience).

A few summaries available on a Qaiku seminar channel.


ftn said...

Hello there.

First of all: great work!, keep it up.

Now, I've been looking for a current and stable distro for the neo for ages.

Could you please publish yours (ie: .tar.gz files)?.

I know I can get it following the steps to install debian and then yours, but my wifi is quite unstable and usb is slow.

Thanks in advance

TJ said...

I can consider it if I think of hosting space and have enough free time (probably not). There would be quite a lot of work to ensure that I'm not leaking any personal data since I might have accumulated all kind of stuff in the filesystem. Therefore the "03/2010 instructions" is relatively good starting point, since with simple copy-paste and unpacking you can get a _lot_ of things and configuration in place. Additionally by looking what was changed, you can relatively easily change the same configuration files that I provide to eg. match my current setup or whatever suits you. The relevant thing to change from 03/2010 "copy-paste/untar setup" is to remove fbpanel from .xsession, edit matchbox theme to remove top panel and compile (and learn how to get it working, README included) my tihos application.