Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ubuntu Developer Summit - days 1 and 2

UDS-Lucid is going strong. Looking back, I've participated in the following sessions so far in addition to corridor/lunch/etc. discussions:
Mainly writing this to post some pics, so here you go:

Sunday evening at the lobby. I was awake for about 24h.

It's the Lynx!


A view from my hotel room window

Monty explaining MariaDB

Plenary sessions room preparations

Huge thanks to Canonical for sponsoring me to come here, mostly because of my I18N/translations work. And of course also thanks to my own employer for still paying my salary for the week ;), which is why I'm following also the mobile track a bit and mentioning us to anyone interested about possible co-operation on ARM/embedded stuff in our "corporation community".


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reports! Great to have you there to bring some fresh ideas to us :)

Anonymous said...

Well done, Timo!