Friday, September 19, 2008

Clutter usage increases in future Nokia devices

Just a tidbit from maemo summit I'm visiting: Clutter will be available and used in the so called "maemo 5", which is an SDK and eventually results in a device from Nokia. Clutter is a OpenGL "2.5D" library, which means in practice easy manipulation of 2D objects in 3D space, with all the OpenGL smoothness you will want. Even though I still wonder if it will ever be that Nokia devices will use 100% free software in the whole functionality, like is possible with the Openmoko devices, I definitely have to congratulate on choosing Clutter. Good usage of Clutter will show example to others, too.

Hopefully Clutter usage will also increase on the desktop side, as I think it's the enabler of more aesthetically pleasing user interfaces in all kind of devices. Just a random example of a suggestion for Ubuntu using new gdm face browser.

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