Thursday, July 03, 2008

Neo FreeRunner is now available, order yours

Neo FreeRunner, the GSM/WLAN/GPS phone to free your mind, is available now! Go ahead and order yours:
Yes, it has no 3G, as a proper chip suitable for a free driver implementation was not found in time, and the point was not to make yet another device full of compromises to users' freedoms. Everything else it probably has. Except for final software which it does not have, so please keep in mind this is still meant for developers at this point of time even though the hardware for this first device is now ready. It does work as a phone (calls, text messages, calendar) out of the box, though.

And of course I've ordered mine already, as part of a group sale! Though now that we have European re-sellers, the benefit is not as great as the postage costs aren't too big anyway.

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