Monday, November 16, 2009

FSCONS over, "gave" a talk (FreeRunner again)

I was at the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit from Friday evening to ca. Sunday early morning. I would have arrived earlier but the rather cheap Blue1 flew only once a day from Helsinki to Gothenburg. Gothenburg was a very wet place during the time I was there, but the event itself was great! Thanks to all the people met, especially the multitude of FSFE guys. A few pics first:

The first pic is from the Saturday evening social event at Berg211, not the conference place itself :)

The only unfortunate thing was missing the whole Sunday, including my own lightning talk about kernel mode-setting on Neo FreeRunner! Instead of canceling it I decided to make a video to replace my physical presence, so hopefully it got shown there and people enjoyed the shortness of it. I gloriously failed to learn Cinelerra or Kdenlive video editing software quickly (PiTiVi _will_ be both easy and great, but was not yet enough for this purpose), so resorted to a "nice" gedit + mplayer + xvidcap + cat + oggconvert setup ;) Yes, not nice. Actually quite an adventure, maybe next time I really learn some other way. I forgot to include a section to tell what actual benefit KMS could give besides being extremely cool - the thing is that Glamo is quite timing sensitive and user space cannot guarantee certain things so kernel based mode-setting could do better in terms of various things, including CPU usage. And it's a pre-requisite for any possible accelerated 3D support, though I didn't get the famous accelerated triangle up yet (some new fixes in the Thomas's git already, though) The video is distributable under CC-BY-SA, and originally Ogg Theora + Vorbis. Of course YouTube mangles it to non-free format, but too lazy to currently bother with better services.

...right, writing this, YouTube seems to have some serious trouble with my video. Is it because of Theora 1.1? Well, trying Dailymotion next, thanks to its openvideo (HTML5) thing which managed to catch my attention a while ago:

^ click me

The reason for my early departure from FSCONS was the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas, Texas. More on that later, writing this actually from the lobby there.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I encountered the same problem when I used the sample in libtheora1.1.1 (png2theora.c). Turning "vp3_compatible" ON seemed to solve the problem.