Monday, November 12, 2007

Voikko for N800 Internet Tablet + some AbiWord

A short note in case some people are interested: I just built Voikko, the open source Finnish spell-checking software, for Nokia N800. Instructions are available on how to install it. Note that I only very shortly tested it from the command line ("works, good"). I mainly wanted just to try reprero to do something, which provided to be very easy.

Apparently the ISP I used to host the files does not allow directory browsing. The Sources.gz file tells the whole story, ie. I also built and provide enchant, hunspell libraries which are not included on the tablet itself.

Addendum: I also tried building AbiWord to test Voikko graphically, using Ryan's instructions. I built the needed packages gsfonts, fribidi, libgsf (newer than maemo 3.1's libosso-gsf), libwmf and wv - they are now available in the same repository as Voikko. I quickly tested the AbiWord I built, but removed it from the repository as for some reason I didn't get hildon UI even though it should have been configured, eg. no keyboard input, and also because the plugins would be very much welcome too and I had some problems with those. But I did load up some text file and succesfully tested the spell-checking feature of AbiWord in Finnish, and it worked fluently :)

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Megabyte405 said...

Hey - we'd love to have your help building an official AbiWord on Maemo, including your spell checker build. (I actually just disabled hunspell in my enchant build...) Please stop by and join if you'd be willing to contribute - right now we're looking for build documentation and updates to the Maemo debian packaging, as well as fixes in AbiWord itself if you feel brave and want to work on some great code.